L&G Group Industrial Services Ltd. was established in 2013. It is the UK-based sister company of the Hungarian-based business; Platán 96, which has been operating successfully since 1996 in the areas of industrial, communal cleaning and maintenance. As a result of domestic success and continuous improvement, the management has decided to expand their activity abroad with the founding of a company in England.

Our services include the following activities:
  •  Examination, cleaning and repair of vitriolic, toxic and flammable storage tanks

  •  Drainage system and pipe inspection with CCTV survey equipment and  technical condition assessment

  •  Cleaning of drainage systems and pipes, via machine and manually

  •  Plant, silo and cistern cleaning with high pressure water jet

  •  Asbestos removal

  •  Sand and grain blasting

Our team are fully trained and qualified in all these operations.

Nearly 20 years of professional experience from highly-skilled experts guarantee you the highest-level of service.

Major Clients of the Hungarian-based Platán 96: