Our video-camera equipment is perfect for the inspection of the technical condition of the used or freshly installed industrial and communal sewage systems and pipelines between 200 and 1500 mm in diameters. The video recordings and computer analysis can perfectly specify the nature and exact location of any technical defects while suggesting the most economical and fastest solutions for the elimination of these defects.   
 Our video-camera equipment can produce a slope diagram about the examined area of the drain system as well.

Its practical advantage lies in the prevention or early discovery of defects that would automatically lead to the release of polluting substances (heavy metals and oil) into the soil and groundwater causing serious enviromental issues. Therefore video camera tests carried out at regular convenient intervals, would be more cost effective than expensive damage assessment and repair costs following a failure of a pipeline. 
 In the case of sewages with smaller diameter – under 200 mm – the use of pocket camera is the only viable solution and slope diagram cannot be made.

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