The technology is the process of forcing solid particles across a surface at high speeds. This metal, wooden, plastic or glass surface becomes thinner, which otherwise would be damaging, but in this case, it is our main objective. During this process, the contamination on the surface of metal, wooden, plastic or glass objects will peel off. We get a smoother and cleaner surface, as a result of which the objects can be re-painted and renovated.

The type and the fineness of the blasting material are based on the surface we intend to work on.


The technology that uses quartz-sand grains mixed with compressed air for the cleaning and treatment of different surfaces. As opposed to other cleaning procedures, sandblasting not only removes the different contamination, remains of materials or paint from the given surface but it also slightly abrases the surface by removing its top layer. The process can be used for forming rustic surfaces and also for removing paint or  graffiti depending on the type of surface. Sand(grain)blasting can remove oxidation, rust, scale, old paint or coating and varnish from almost any surface.


The resulting new, clean to metal surface is a perfect base for further treatment: polishing, powder-spraying, galvanizing, etc. As opposed to chemical processes the advantage of sandblasting is that there are no remaining chemical materials that would have a negative effect on the later coating. Paint, varnish and old parts can be removed even from wooden surfaces by this procedure.


Grain/Grit blasting

The procedure is the same as with sandblasting but it is performed with the type of grain most appropriate for the surface and the task.


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