Storage tanks can be applied for various tasks in industry. Some of them are used for storage (e.g. standing and horizontal cylindrical storage tanks intended for storing liquids and gases), while others perform technological tasks. Storage tanks should be cleaned at periodic intervals. Cleaning is practical and necessary during product transition and prior to both maintenance and examination.

Prior to examining the storage tanks, cleaning of the storage tanks or silos is necessary in order to make the execution of examinations possible. When boarding the tank decontamination should be carried out prior to the cleaning process to remove all the remnant of the fill from the surfaces of the storage tank. Storage tank-cleaning can be executed following decontamination.

Storage tanks can be employed for different industrial objectives since they are suitable for storing a great variety of materials. The majority of stored materials (liquids, gases) are dangerous (inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic etc.). Therefore cleaning should be executed with the highest level expertise, furthermore increased attention should be paid for the sanitary and security technology aspects.

Our enterprise is in possession of a well qualified professional staff required for performing necessary tasks and we equally hold the necessary equipment needed for safe work (fresh -air equipment for the boarding activities, coveralls, gas detection equipment, non - sparking tools etc.).


In Hungary, in the field of storage tank cleaning and examination, the most significant client contracted by our parent company has been the MOL Public Limited Company for over 15 years (namely in the fields of refinery, logistics and mining). We continuously meet the requirements of the most severe sanitary, safety and environmental protection regulations.

Our company is capable of carrying out the overall cleaning of storage tanks with the cubic capacity of 10 – 60.000 m3 along with their examination on demand.



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